Sunday, May 11, 2008

Giant Ant (Step 17) - viva the color!

So, color...huh? Well, I knew what color I wanted the ant to be, so I went to the store, found the color swatch and had them mix me up a gallon. Then I came back and started painting...and that's when the trouble began. Nobody told me that using a spray gun would be sooo tricky! I couldn't get the gun to work right, I could get the air pressure right, and the paint (although it was brand new) was full of chunks of latex which continually clogged the nozzle. So after several attempts, and several cleanings, and even several different spray guns, I finally decided to go out and buy some cans of spray paint.
So then I came back and painted the entire ant a nice red color. And then I sprayed the eyes with black and just for fun I sprayed one of the antenna. I let it dry, then hit it with the red paint, and it looked great! There was just a hint of the black coming through the red and it gave the color so much more depth! And unfortunately I really liked it! SO, I went back to the paint store and bought all their black paint (unfortunately I had already bought out all their red supply, so I had to go elsewhere for that).

And then I proceeded to paint the entire ant black (over the red I had just painted).

And then I let this coat dry...

...and painted it all red again.

And it's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but I also got a few cans of orange to add some highlights to the red, furthering the depth of color even more! Yeah!

And here are all the cans I went through...and yes, my finger is really sore.

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