Monday, April 14, 2008

Giant Ant (step 1) - idea/sketch/proposal

I've always had a fascination with small creatures, and their intricate bits and parts. I thought it would be great to make something so small and seemingly insignificant, into a very large sculpture. (This is a piece from an old illustration I did for McGraw-Hill Publishers)

So after I heard about the competition for Art-Speak's Public Art project, I started doing little drawings of what I'd like to create. My first idea was actually a bunch of giant acorns...but I thought, 'if this is my only chance to make a big piece of public art, I might as well go all the way!'

And so the giant ant was born!

The next step was to enter the competition. So I prettied up my drawing, and stuck it 'on location' with a photo I took of Market Square in Portsmouth, NH. Then I worked up a budget proposal for materials, installation, storage, etc. And once all the "t's and i's" were addressed, I submitted my entry, and hoped for the best.