Monday, April 14, 2008

Giant Ant (step 4) - the hunt begins!

"It truly takes a colony to raise an ant"
-ancient walker proverb

There's nothing like scavenging for ant parts in a big pile of rusty metal. But I have to say, the Portsmouth Trading scrap metal co. is the holy grail for metal oddities and funkiness! I found most of my supplies there, and they gave me a great deal on the price, being that I was an artist.

These old tire rims were a great find - they were the perfect shape for an ant abdomen!

Cycles 128 in Beverly had a great assortment of used motorcycle parts. And like the tires, these pieces seem to have a purpose beyond their original intention. It must be their alien-yet-organic forms which scream out - "bug parts!"

And tell me, if this gas tank isn't the absolute perfect ant head!

Packing up the old pick-up for transport...I'm not sure which is the junk metal here? But at least it still runs!

Cutting and grinding away on the rims revealed this beautifully polished shape!

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Lisa said...

Hi Nate!! My name is Lisa and I work for Portsmouth Trading- the scrap metal company where you found most of your Ant. I really want to thank you for the great Holy Grail comment you said about us, we are truly honored!! Your Ant came out awesome and we wish you much success on your future projects! Feel free to contact us for further supplies!!