Monday, April 14, 2008

Giant Ant (step 6) - construction days 1 & 2

Does anyone recognize these?

It's just like a toy model you had as a kid, except the instructions are mostly guess work, the glue is hot, molten metal, and if you drop the pieces they could crush your foot. Where's the danger in that??

Now that's a big print out! Thanks so much Seth!

I don't think ants usually have a backbone...but this one sure as hell does!

aaaah, perspective : )

Oh yeah, this thing is going to get heavy! The wheel rims may be a great shape, but they're gonna add some major lbs to the back are we going to counter that?

Oh, who cares...this thing is looking really cool!!!

Yeah, something like that.

(just in case you wanted a closer look)

My baby's first step!

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